As eleições americanas no Médio Oriente

A Economist desta semana traz uma reportagem muito interessante acerca da forma como o povo do Médio Oriente tem acompanhado a longa campanha eleitoral americana – e, ainda vamos nas primárias.

Percebe-se que os palestinianos apoiam Barack – o seu nome provém da expressão árabe para ‘bênção’ – e que os israelitas têm tanto apreço por McCain quanto por Clinton, desconsiderando Obama.

Aqui fica um excerto: «Haaretz invites panellists to rank all the rivals for the presidency on a scale of one (the worst) to ten. On this score the Republican candidate, John McCain (7.75), and one Democratic contender, Hillary Clinton (7.5), are neck-and-neck. The Democratic front-runner, Barack Obama, trails far behind (5.12). Of the 26 candidates who have been in the race, only five score lower than Mr Obama. The panellists worry that Mr Obama lacks experience and is insufficiently enthusiastic about the “war on terror”. In short they conclude that he may not be a good friend to Israel. In contrast Mr McCain is described as “hawkish but realistic”, the right person for the job. The Jerusalem Post is enthusiastic about him too and says simply: “McCain gets it.”

Whether such panellists and journalists are right, of course, is debatable. Mr Obama, who has greater popularity among Palestinians, could be a more credible peacebroker in the region. His comment that “nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people” was well received in the Arab world (not so well in Israel), where in general Mr Obama is better liked than his Democratic and Republican rivals. His expressed willingness to talk to America’s enemies means he is generally reckoned to be less aggressive than, for example, Mr McCain, who talks of bombing Iran. Al Ahram Weekly, the English edition of the leading Egyptian daily, goes so far as to describe him as “the favourite US presidential candidate of people in this part of the world.”»

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